DELIVERY: Dispatch within  INDIA from the date of order takes 3 to 5 days.

Dispatch of international orders 10-15 days at most. Bare minimum 4-7 days. Rest customs clearance and legality time would be extra as we cannot change  official policy. After clearance orders would  reach destination within 10 days . In total international orders delivered in 30 days to 45 days maximum.

Packaging fragrance products can be quite challenging. Glass and ceramics are not only heavy, but they are also brittle.
Furthermore, they can also be of irregular shape, making them harder to pack. Unlike ceramics, glass can also hurt if broken. Cleaning up the broken pieces can be quite dangerous too. 

Material we are using

Cell pack: Cell packs are cardboard boxes with cell partitions of cardboard itself. Each cell is perfectly sized for the product so that it does not move around.

Styrofoam sheets can also make cell partitions. They keep the box light and compact.

Bubble wrap: Bubble wraps are widely available, are water resistant, flexible and reusable. Bubble wrap wraps the product to create a perfect cushioning.
It will prevent the glass item from moving around in the packaging while protecting it from minor falls and bumps.

Paper: A more eco-friendly solution is using paper. Newspapers are the perfect way to protect glass products. Paper can create a denser void fill that will provide better protection.
Crinkle paper is perfect for the job. However, using too much can make the entire packaging quite heavy.

Styrofoam: Custom built Styrofoam molds is commonly used for retail packaging. They product optimum protection and support.
Products packaged using Styrofoam are stackable since Styrofoam is rigid and won’t put pressure on the fragile glass products. Styrofoam sheets are also used during packing and moving.

Corrugated boards: Thick, multi-layer corrugated boards are great void fills too. Spacers made from these corrugated boards create a compact, light and sturdy packaging.

Proper Sealing is Extremely Important

Glass can be quite heavy. When we packed in cardboard or corrugated boxes, there is always a risk of the glass products falling through the box upon lifting.
So, it’s important to seal the box in a way so that there is proper support.

Carton tape: Carton tape is the we most commonly used to seal such boxes. Wide tapes provide better sealing.
Using them handsomely ensures that the box will not tear open because of the weight of the contents.

Proper Packaging Boxes

Using the right boxes is quite crucial for the protection of the items. The box should have appropriate space for containing the items as well as the void fill.
Also, it should be strong enough to hold the weight and should have proper labeling.


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